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Issue #11 / Spring 2019 – Out Now

In this issue, we take a look at the biggest complexion concerns for the new season, from protecting your skin against technology to swapping harsh acids for fruit-derived enzymes. We also investigate the trend for a scaled back skin care regime and shine a spotlight on some of the best serums for your skin, plus plenty of expert insight and advice from our team. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Get Your Skin Ready for Spring

Update your skin care routine for spring with some key tips from Dermalogica’s Director of Education, Sally Penford.

Screen Time: How Blue Light is Affecting Your Skin

Everything you need to know about how technology can damage your skin and the best products to prevent it.

My Skin Journey

The founder of Skincity, Annica Forsgren Kjellman, talks success, skin care trends she loves and learning to say ‘no’ more.

ISSUE #11 / SPRING 2019 – OUT NOW!


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